Our Johnston Lineage


Our Johnston ancestry is a work in progress.  This document is an attempt to combine several conflicting sources, and is intended to be a roll from the first head of the Johnston family to our emigrant ancestor.  Many of our ancestors followed the Scottish naming convention.

First son - named after Paternal Grandfather 

Second son - named after Maternal Grandfather 

Third son - named after Father  

First daughter - named after Maternal Grandmother 

Second daughter - named after Paternal Grandmother 

Third daughter - named after Mother


The lineage role is as follows:

1.  The Saxon founder of our family was John de Jonistoun who was given a charter by Robert Bruce's grandfather, the Earl of Annadale.

2.  Hugo de Johnstone owned several estates in East Lothian. 

3.  Sir John de Johnstone, donated land to the Soltra monastery in 1285.          

4.  John de Johnstone, was present at the charter of lands in Annadale  in 1332. 

5.  Gilbert de Johnstone, whodied in 1360. 

6.  Sir John de Johnstone, who in 1371 was the first in our line to carry the title of "Warden of the West Marshes".  He died in 1383.

7.  Sir Adam Johnstone, of Johnstone, who served at the battle at Sark in 1448.  He helped suppress the Douglas rebellion against the monarchy in 1455.  Through his first wife our lineage continued.  This union produced two sons, James and John.  His second wife was a descendent of  Robert Bruce.  The second union produced his son Mathew, who founded many other Johnston lines.  

8.  James Johnstone of Johnstone.

9.  Adam Johnstone of Johnstone.

10.  James Johnstone of Johnstone, who died in 1529.

11.  John Johnstone of Johnstone, who obtained lands in 1542, 1545, and 1550.  He fought in the battle of Pinkie.  His wife was Elizabeth Jardine.  This union produced four children, James, Robert, Dorthea, and Margaret.  John died in 1558.  

12.  James Johnstone, of Johnstone, who Married Margaret Hamilton.  This union produced one son, John.

13.  John Johnstone of Johnstone, who succeeded his grandfather.  He served Scotland as Warden of the West Marshes and Justice-General.  Margaret,  his wife, was the daughter of Sir Walter Scott.  This union produced four children, James, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Grizzel (The name Grizzel means Christian battle).  

14.  Sir James Johnstone of Johnstone, was knighted at by Queen Elizabeth at  the coronation of Queen Anne of Denmark, and served as Warden of the  West Marshes.  He married Sarah.  James was murdered by Lord Maxwell in 1608.

15.  James Johnston of Johnstone.  He was named Earl of Hartfell.  He married three times. His children were James, William, Thomas, Margaret, Mary, Janet, and John.

16.  John Johnston's children were James, John, William, Francis, Stephen, Elizabeth, and Eleanor.  His sons, John, Stephen, and Francis emigrated to the United States at the end of the Revolutionary War, sometime around 1786.  

17.  James Johnston who remained In Ireland when his brothers emigrated, arriving later.  His sons James, William, and Robert emigrated circa 1816, at the request of their cousin, Colonel Johnston, a Federal Indian Agent located in Piqua, Ohio.

18.  William was our emigrant ancestor.  He arrived in Miami County around 1817 and located in Piqua, Ohio, where he remained for a short time.  He was then employed by the Government and sent by Col. Johnston to Anderson, Indiana, and from there he went to Wapakoneta, Ohio, where he  remained several years.  In 1823 he came to Shelby County and located in Loramie Township, on land in section 18, which he had entered several years prior to settling in the township.

Our line of descent from Germany to present day is as follows:

Hans Mann

George Bernard Mann

John Mann Sr.

Colonel John Mann Jr.

Isaac Mann

Lewis Mann

Dorsey Virgil Mann

John A Mann Sr.

John A. Mann Jr.

Timothy A. Mann

Maven L. Bradley

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