Colonel John Mann Jr.


John Mann Jr. was a farmer, distiller, and a Colonel in the Ohio Militia during the War of 1812. He lived in Miami County from 1798 to 1828, and died in Shelby County in May of 1833. He was born to Susannah Price Mann and John Mann about 1767 on Sinking Creek in the New River area of Virginia (now West Virginia). 

Like most young men of the day, John participated in the Virginia Militia. At the time of his departure from Virginia to Ohio, he served as a Sergeant in Virginia’s militia


I have been able to locate his Ohio Militia election dates, a record of Colonel Mann leading a company dragoons with General Tupper at the outset of the War of 1812 (I believe this was near the Maumee River) and a few other details such as land purchases …. 

Miami County became part of the Fifth Division in 1813. There is little surviving information concerning the Fifth Division and specifically, it’s Second Regiment. The Fifth Division was commanded by General Benjamin Whiteman.  John Mann was the Colonel over the Second Regiment of the Fifth Division.


Both Mann and Whiteman had served under Simon Kenton when the Ohio Militia was formed. Whiteman lived in Greene County and his Davis kinsmen established Clifton Mill. 

Whiteman and Kenton are famous for Indian warfare. Early members of the Mann's, and their kindred Ballard, and Williams families also had some notoriety for Indian warfare on the frontier. 


Many Miami citizens had lost family members from Indian warfare prior to their immigration to Ohio.  In Miami County, the Mann's and Wetzel's are frontier families  that carried the blood vengeance found in many frontier communities.  This vengeance is an underlying theme in some of the historical stories within this site.  

Many of the men in western Ohio that served in the War of 1812 did not file land bounty claims, as bounty lands were not available until the 1850’s. By that time, many men that had served were deceased. 


A timeline of Colonel Mann’s life is found below…

1767- John Mann Jr. is born to John and Susannah Mann.  

1791- John Mann Sr. gives his consent for John Jr. to marry Fanny Williams.  

1791- Isaac is born to John Jr. and Fanny.  

1793- John marries Barbara Williams, Fanny's cousin. We assume Fanny died, possibly in childbirth.  

1794- A son, George, is born to John and Barbara.

1797- John and Barbara's daughter, Francis is born in Virginia. John comes to Ohio with George Williams to locate a claim and plant corn for John's father-in-law, Michael Williams. They locate a claim on Mad River near Dayton. After this task is completed, they return to Virginia with plans to bring their families back.


1798- The families return in Autumn. They live near Dayton for a year, then move to Honey Creek in Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio.   


1798- The families return in Autumn. They live near Dayton for a year, then move to Honey Creek in Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio.   

1799- Sergeant John Mann is listed in Virginia Militia records as "having removed to the Miami's." John has now established himself as an early settler of Elizabeth Township, in Miami County, Ohio.

1803- By April, John’s parents, John Sr. and Susannah, are living here with them, and have they put their 500 acre farm in Virginia up for sale. John's sister, Elizabeth Battrell and her husband John, also come to live with them.  


1804- John and Barbara return to Virginia to manage the sales of their families' lands. While they are in Virginia, their son Charles is born.

1805- In December, John Mann Sr. enters land in Cincinnati. The plot was Range 10, Township 2, Section 25, Part section 307.20 acres. His residence at time of entry is listed as Montgomery County, Ohio (now Miami County, Elizabeth Township).    1805- The land entry for John Mann Jr. was Range 9, Township 1. Section 6, Part section: North 1/2 and the South 1/2 fraction 216.16 acres. His residence at time of entry is listed as Montgomery County, Ohio (now Miami County, Bethel Township).   

1806- John Mann becomes an Ensign in the Ohio Militia under General James Findlay. Later that year, he is promoted to the rank of Captain.


1808- John Mann and his brother-in-law, John Battrell, are appointed guardians of John and Molly Mann, children of George and Betsy Moyer Mann Harman. (Probate Court Case #15.) This George Mann was John Mann’s brother. The children stay originally with the Battrells, but when they move west into Indiana, the children stay with John and Barbara Mann.    

1809- John Mann is serving as a Major in the Montgomery County, Ohio Militia.   

1811- John Mann is serving as a Major for the 2nd Regiment, 5th Brigade, 1st Division of the Ohio Militia.   

1811- In autumn, John Mann and Alexander Ewing scout for Harrison in Indiana.  Sometime after their return to Ohio, both are promoted to the rank of Colonel for undefined  “acts of valor”.  John becomes Colonel over the Miami County Militia.

1812- Early in 1812, John becomes Colonel over the 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 5th Division. His designation is now Field Colonel, which means he will lead troops in battle. I believe the counties in this regiment are Champaign, Preble, and Miami.

1814- John resigns his commission with the Ohio Militia.  He cites hearing loss as the reason for his resignation.  

1826- George Mann, John and Barbara's son, dies leaving his widow, Margaret Pearson Mann, to raise their children Abel and Ruth.   

1828- John Mann Jr. and Barbara Mann sell their farm in Miami County, Ohio and move to Loramie Township, in Shelby County, Ohio. This land was near the canal and their farm was near the end of present day Mill’s Rd -off of Rangeline Rd.   

1829- John Mann Jr. is listed as Director of School District #2 in Loramie Township, Shelby County, Ohio.   

1831- Barbara, John's second wife dies.    

1832- John Mann Jr. marries Rachael Berry.   

1833- John Mann Jr. dies in the latter part of May. (John and Barbara’s son, Isaac, donated land for a cemetery and church in Oran. I cannot find record of John and Barbara Mann being buried there or at the Mills Rd Cemetery.)    

1833- The Executors notice of Col. John Mann's death was placed in the Piqua Gazette, dated 13 July.   

1833- After his death, his youngest daughter, Cynthiana, is born to his widow Rachael.   

1833- Probate Court, Shelby County, Ohio. Estate package A78 is filed for John Mann. These records show no mention of his deceased son George. All other children are mentioned.   

1834- The Estate Executor of Col. John Mann's estate files suit against John's widow, Rachael Berry Mann, seeking land to be sold to satisfy debts.   

1835- Ruth and Abel Mann file suit against John and Barbara's youngest son, Charles. Charles had been entrusted by John Mann with provision for their father's share of inheritance.

Our line of descent from Germany to present day is as follows:

Hans Mann

George Bernard Mann

John Mann Sr.

Colonel John Mann Jr.

Isaac Mann

Lewis Mann

Dorsey Virgil Mann

John A Mann Sr.

John A. Mann Jr.

Timothy A. Mann

Maven L. Bradley

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