John A. Mann Sr.


John Allen Mann, or "Allen" as he was known to his friends, was born on June 25, 1909, in Bradford, Ohio.  He was raised on a Washington Township farm in Shelby County, Ohio.  As a youth, Allen was recognized for rescuing a Piqua youth from drowning in the Miami River.  Allen had learned to swim one year prior to this incident, having been thrown in the same river by some older boys.  

As a teen, Allen was crippled in an attempt to "hop a train".  He had jumped on a boxcar.  As he pulled himself up, the couplings joining each car smashed his left foot. He was found unconscious when the train stopped in St. Louis.  The accident required five toes and part of his foot to be amputated.  


After graduating from Piqua High School in 1928, he attended Miami-Jacobs Business College.  At one point his temper prompted him to withdraw.  The president of the college contacted him and urged him to complete an education.  Allen took the advice to heart and graduated from the program.

He married Nellie Herron on February 5, 1932.  This union produced four children.   After they married, the Mann's resided in Cincinnati for a few years before returning to Miami County.  Allen was employed by the French Oil Mill as an Inventory Control clerk.   


Allen was an avid fisherman and bicyclist.  He was an excellent guitarist and occasionally played in public.  He also played on the Piqua radio station in the late 1930's or early 40's.  In his latter years he spent a great deal of time studying the Bible.   He died on May 7, 1985, and  was survived by his family.

Our line of descent from Germany to present day is as follows:

Hans Mann

George Bernard Mann

John Mann Sr.

Colonel John Mann Jr.

Isaac Mann

Lewis Mann

Dorsey Virgil Mann

John A Mann Sr.

John A. Mann Jr.

Timothy A. Mann

Maven L. Bradley

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