George Bernard Mann

George Bernard Mann (Jerg Bernhart Mohn) was born in 1701. On Sept 14, 1723, George married Anna Margetha, daughter of Herr Christian Geisser. Three children were born to this union. Two of these children died before 1730.  Adding to this sorrow, his wife died on October 29, 1730.  George then married Maria Anna Margretha.  

To start their journey to the colonies, Mohn and his family traveled down the Rhine to Rotterdam, taking several weeks. There they boarded a small schooner, the Pink Plaisance (a 'pink' is a ship with a narrow stern). After a stop on the Isle of Wight, the ship sailed for Philadelphia.  Sailing trips across the Atlantic took 10-12 weeks. 


On September 21, 1732, George, his second wife, his son Jacob, and his sister Catrin arrived in Philadelphia.  In 1744 he sold his land in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the family moved to Virginia.  In 1749 he purchased land on Stony Run between the Shenandoah Valley and Peaked Mountain.          

George died in 1769 and was survived by eight of his eleven children.

Our line of descent from Germany to present day is as follows:

Hans Mann

George Bernard Mann

John Mann Sr.

Colonel John Mann Jr.

Isaac Mann

Lewis Mann

Dorsey Virgil Mann

John A Mann Sr.

John A. Mann Jr.

Timothy A. Mann

Maven L. Bradley

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