The Miami Valley Mann Family

The Miami Valley Ohio Mann Family


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The Mann Brothers

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The patriarch of the Miami Valley Ohio Mann family was Colonel John Mann Jr. He and his brother Jacob settled in what became Miami County, Ohio in the late 1790's.

Their father and mother, John Sr. and Susannah Price Mann, also lived in Miami County for several years before removing to Delaware County, Indiana.

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The Mann family resided in near Mannheim in Siegelspach, Germany, before coming to America.

Our line of descent from Germany to present day is as follows:

Hans Mann
George Bernard Mann

John Mann Sr.
Colonel John Mann Jr.
Isaac Mann
Lewis J. Mann
Dorsey V. Mann
John A. Mann Sr.

John A. Mann Jr.
Timothy A. Mann
Maven L. Bradley


 Lewis J. Mann

John A Mann

Dorsey V. Mann

John A Mann Jr.

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